The Diskin Orphan Fund

"Like a father and mother, when there is none…"
Located at the entrance to the eternal city of Jerusalem, Diskin has been a beacon of love, hope, and chessed for over 130 years. Ever since its founding in 1880, Diskin has been a symbol of care and nurturing for young orphans and their families, as well as for other families in crisis – 130 years of giving, with sensitivity and tremendous love.

Diskin's foremost goal is to offer our children life, hope, and a future. What began as an orphanage has become the Diskin Orphan Fund, managing projects to help and support orphans and their families at home and at school. For 130 years, Diskin has been a pioneer in caring for orphans – with sensitivity and understanding.

The aim of all Diskin's projects and activities is to envelop the orphaned child with love and to support him with all his needs — clothing, medical care, hot meals, tutoring, educational counseling, and more – to enable him and his family to break out of the cycle of poverty, to give them the tools to build a better future and a productive life.

Children have so many needs – and orphans have that many more! There's so much that must be done for them, for their bereft families, and for other families in crisis. Diskin is there for them, day after day. We share the burden of their pressures, their anguish, and their anxieties.
No one can ever bring back an orphan's father; no one can give him the mother he lost.
But together – Diskin and you – we can help them.

We can be the closest thing possible to a mother or father. We can "adopt" them and take them to our hearts. We can do everything to give them a chance to live and learn and grow and thrive like every other child.
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bar mitzvah boys received packages
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dowry packages for brides & Grooms
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