I wish to express, in these few words, my profound gratitude for your special efforts in bringing joy to my son and to my entire familyview full letter
Only the Father of all orphans can reward you, for there is no way that we can repay you!view full letter
I particularly want to thank you for the beautiful, high-quality wardrobe you provided for our son ....for his bar mitzvah – you dressed him literally from head to foot.view full letter
The necessary assistance came to us miraculously,... He has been an orphan since his birth, and every year he received your generous gifts, including your assistance for his wedding.view full letter
Besides providing monetary support – to make our Shabbos sheva brachos the joyful occasion that it was. You took care of every detailview full letter
Each time we think about the things you have done for us we become emotionally charged againview full letter
My parents, who are in Heaven, will certainly tell Hashem of your righteousness, and that you fullfilled the condition of, "If you will bring joy to Mine, I will bring joy to yours.view full letter
My paper is too short and my pen does not have enough ink to express all my feelings of thanks and my blessings, which fill my heart, for all your gifts and your assistance, which were so needed.view full letter
No words can describe the Yom Tov joy that I and the children experience when, thanks to you, they can be dressed like the little princes and princesses that they are.view full letter
We could always count on you and on your friendship; you enabled each of us to come to our family celebration feeling calm and in control..view full letter
Thank you so very, very much for your generous help with purchasing tefillin for my son Elchanan. This gift is just one more link in the long chain of various forms of assistance that you have given us over the yearview full letter
Know that whenever we receive these certificates, great joy fills our home. view full letter
Thanks so much for your assistance and your generous support for my daughters this past Yom Tov season...The ability to purchase new clothes is truly a joyful experienceview full letter
You've given special attention to my 29-year-old son Oren, who has Down syndrome. You've supported him for many years.view full letter
And for the weddings of my married children, you supplied most of their basic needs to start off life on their own.view full letter
Thanks to you I was able to outfit all my children, including shoes for each one. We still have enough to buy winter shoes.view full letter
For myself and on behalf of my eight children, I wish to thank you for the help you gave us for the recent Yom Tov.view full letter
But besides the physical support that you give, I must add a word about the warm, loving manner in which it is delivered.view full letter
One thing I can tell you is that you have succeeded in bringing light to my children's eyes and the joy of Yom Tov to the hearts of these orphans, both the younger and the older children.view full letter
You do so much to make them happy. Now that my daughter Esther is getting married, you made sure to send your gifts extra early, and you added so much extra for the bride.view full letter
I wish to thank you from the depths of my heart for all the gift certificates you brought to us before my daughter Miriam's wedding last Kislev.view full letter
What an extraordinary example of giving! What wonderfully generous people! You thought of everything; you didn't forget a single detail!view full letter
By providing the children with new clothing in honor of Yom Tov and for the coming winter, you have mitigated their suffering... since we began this study-partner program, there has been a dramatic change for the better.view full letter
Before each Jewish holiday you stand by our side... You've never forgotten us for a moment... Whenever we encountered a problem you were there to deal with it.view full letter
We were also very moved when you sent us 2,000NIS toward the purchase of our son David's tefillin when he became a bar mitzvah.view full letter
You provided your assistance in a way that was dignified and well-planned, taking every detail into consideration.view full letter
We received the gift certificates, and I cannot find words to thank you and express our great appreciation for your extensive assistance, which we desperately needed for this recent Yom Tov.view full letter
You became G-d's angelic agents to bring us joy and to allow our family to feel comfortable in the company of friends. This has brought us all true happiness.view full letter