dressed for success
Being an orphan once meant wearing shabby hand-me-downs that clearly marked you as a "poor kid," a "charity case," different from everybody else.

Not anymore.

Here at Diskin, we've learned how much a child's appearance contributes to his self-esteem. And we believe that self-esteem is the very basis of emotional health and growth.
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warm Welcome home
Entering a cold, empty house, knowing that a parent is missing and will never be there to greet you again, is one of the most painful and fearful experiences a child can endure. No one can bring back the missing parent or take away that pain. What we can do is provide a hot, nutritious meal. How much can that help? Far more than we can imagine: It gives the child the message that someone cares. Maybe it makes the house seem a little less cold, a little less empty.
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bar mitzvah
A Jewish child becomes an adult all at once, in a single day. A boy becomes a bar mitzvah on his thirteenth birthday; a girl becomes a bat mitzvah on her twelfth. At that time, this fresh initiate suddenly finds him- or herself a full-fledged member of the Jewish community. In many ways, one's bar- or bat mitzvah is the most important day in the life of a Jew.
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The Simchas with Diskin Project is all about celebrations – those special, landmark events that grace our lives. For a family that has suffered the tragedy of losing one or both parents, these events are particularly meaningful. The long-yearned-for day brings with it the joy of achievement but always accompanied also by the ever-present pain of loss.
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"Big Brother" Program
Diskin's Big Brother Program offers a unique opportunity for children and teens who come from complicated, difficult backgrounds — an opportunity to grow and thrive.

Experience has shown (and research studies have confirmed) that a child’s chances of future success are directly related to the degree of stability of his home environment. This is true in every area: emotional balance, academic achievement, happiness – even physical health.
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all about chessed
For well over a century, Diskin has been investing in our nation’s richest resource: our children. And we have focused our strongest efforts on the most hidden of treasures, tending to the needs of children whose roots have been shaken, whose potential for failure is the highest. Therein lies the greatest potential for stunning success, both for the child himself and for his future contribution to his people – our people.
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