"Whoever supports the home that I've founded, I will advocate on his behalf for all his needs, in this world and in the world to come."
- Rabbi Yeshoshua Leib Diskin
One hundred forty years ago, the great luminary of our people, the 'Pillar of Fire', Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua Leib Diskin, opened the doors of his great heart and his tiny home and relinquished their ownership entirely to the orphans of Jerusalem.

Rabbi Yehoshua Leib invested all his financial and physical capital into the foundations of his life's effort on behalf of the orphans. They were nurtured, raised, shelter and rescued at his institutions; widows' hearts sang joyously, and their children were granted a new chance at life. To this very day, the organizations of education and charity he founded and bear his name are a beacon of hope and rescue for thousands of orphans and their families, as well as families in distress.

Already during his lifetime, Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin was known as a miracle worker. From all over the world, Jews seeking salvation turned to him for relief, knowing that his prayers on their behalf would be answered and his blessings would be fulfilled. He established the Diskin Orphan Home with a guarantee: "I will advocate for the needs of all those who support the home that I founded, both in This World and in the World-to-Come". Before his passing, he requested that this exceptional promise be publicized among the masses.

Just as people flocked to him during his lifetime, his hallowed gravesite on the peak of Har Hazeisim, facing the Temple Mount, has been well known for the past 120 years as a worthy and effective venue for prayer and salvation. Throughout the year, many multitudes from all over the Diaspora ascend to his burial place, where they pour their hearts out in prayer, asking to be granted relief in the great tzaddik's merit.

Once every month, on Erev Rosh Chodesh, a delegation of ten representatives of Diskin makes its way to the gravesite of Rabbi Diskin, the Father of Orphans, to plead – in the name of the thousands of orphans, widows and widowers – for Heavenly blessings of life and well-being for the Jewish People. They also plead for the success and health of all Diskin's cherished benefactors, and for the merit of the souls of the friends and supporters who have departed to the Next World.

Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin's holy words endure forever, and his wondrous promise continues to be completely fulfilled, even in our time. People assist Diskin and they are blessed; they support it and merit salvation. The astonishing stories that emerge on a daily basis attest that the faithful tzaddik is keeping his word, advocating in Heaven to bring salvation and mercy for each of the donors who support the organization he founded and which carries his name.

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