memorial room

Heichal Hachaim

The Sanctuary of Life
"These stones shall stand as an everlasting memorial for the Jewish people."
(Joshua 4:7)
Diskin's "Heichal Hachaim" is a shrine of commemoration and remembrance; a testimony to the benevolence and charity of those lofty individuals who choose to grant the gift of life and hope to orphans and distressed families.

Every human soul is an entire world; each name represents the story of a lifetime. This story doesn't end simply because the individual is no longer with us. The names – engraved for eternity on the stones in Diskin's "Heichal Hachaim" – continue to convey these stories, along with the legacy of charity and kindness they bequeathed to future generations.

When we choose to honor the memory of a loved one by brightening the life of a young orphan, we bring honor and vitality to their name in the most noble and exalted fashion.

In addition to the main Memorial Center, the "Heichal Hachaim" has designated a special site dedicated to those who perished in the Holocaust and survivors who have passed on. During their lifetime, these individuals experienced the most severe form of orphanhood and bereavement. Diskin provides their relatives with a truly befitting opportunity to memorialize their loved ones by granting new life to an orphan, needy or distressed child.
Heichal Hachaim
The "Heichal Hachaim" will include a Beis Knesses (synagogue) for prayer, Torah study, and memorial services for Diskin supporters who are deceased. Workshops and seminars in all areas of assisting and promoting orphans and distressed children will also take place here. Projects still in the development stage include a visitors' center, historical archives, and meeting rooms for donors and their families.
"I will provide for them, within My Sanctuary and its walls, a memorial and a name,
better than sons and daughters; I will give them an everlasting name that will endure forever"
(Isaiah 56:5)