The Big Brother Program offers each child the opportunity and the motivation to discover his own abilities and talents
Diskin's Big Brother Program offers a unique opportunity for children and teens who come from complicated, difficult backgrounds — an opportunity to grow and thrive.
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Experience has shown (and research studies have confirmed) that a child’s chances of future success are directly related to the degree of stability of his home environment. This is true in every area: emotional balance, academic achievement, happiness – even physical health. In most instances, parents do their utmost to give their children the tools to build themselves as best they can. But what if there are no parents? Without a parent to help him/her with his studies, to listen to his problems, and to guide him through his fears, how can a child develop properly?

Orphans and children of families in crisis are naturally much more vulnerable. They need extra support, which school systems and educators are generally not equipped to provide. Families and communities are also not "the address." They usually do not have the wherewithal to hire counselors and/or tutors to fill in the gaps for these children when they need it most.

In response to this critical challenge, Diskin established its Big Brother Program. This program began as a way to handle the most urgent cases, those children whose acute behavioral problems were screaming out for immediate, intensive intervention. Our program provides these children with the tools they need in order to develop and excel, addressing the specific abilities and needs of each individual child.

The Big Brother Program offers each child the opportunity and the motivation to discover his own abilities and talents, and to develop them. The "big brother"/"big sister" keeps in daily contact with the child, building a long-term relationship. This creates lasting change for the better – not only in the child but often in his family and among his friends.

"Big brothers" and "big sisters" are empathetic and highly motivated, totally dedicated to helping the child advance and succeed in life. They build and maintain a relationship of support and mutual trust. Through their personality and actions, they serve as role models for the children to emulate as they acquire good values and good study habits.

We assist wonderful, talented children, who – if only given the opportunity — will be able to succeed on all levels. Their problems are no fault of their own, but stem from their families' financial difficulties and/or from emotional stress. Difficult home situations and emotional turmoil can be major factors in academic failure, social marginalization, and a downward spiral to delinquency and the lower rungs of society.

The Big Brother Program intervenes to prevent all this. It helps these children tap into the tremendous potential that lies within them. It gives them a future. Today, they're on the receiving end, but one day they too will join the ranks of those who are contributing to others. With the huge challenges they will overcome, they will develop skills that they can pass on to others, giving them too the chance for a happy, productive life.