Building the child, not just supporting him, is what makes Diskin’s approach unique
For well over a century, Diskin has been investing in our nation’s richest resource: our children. And we have focused our strongest efforts on the most hidden of treasures, tending to the needs of children whose roots have been shaken, whose potential for failure is the highest. Therein lies the greatest potential for stunning success, both for the child himself and for his future contribution to his people – our people.
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Over many decades, we have learned how to diversify our various investments in humanity and how best to prioritize the placement of our emotional capital. Building the child, not just supporting him, is what makes Diskin’s approach unique.

Our educational program focuses on children and teens from needy families, even those who are not orphans. We offer them a high-level education that would not otherwise be available to them, almost entirely financing their tuition, along with room and board. For children in day schools, Diskin assists with hiring private tutors and mentors to give them individual attention. We cover tuition costs for quality schools, so that these children too can achieve excellence and have the same life-opportunities their friends enjoy.

We also sponsor leadership training programs, geared for youths from poor families or families in crisis. These youths have high ambitions to advance in life, but their circumstances could prevent them from reaching their goals. In our programs, they can reach their full potential. We cultivate the leaders of tomorrow, who will guide our people in both spiritual and communal matters. These young people, so needy when they arrive, emerge at the other end of the “cycle of giving” as paradigms of fine leadership, contributing to society in countless ways.