yartzheit glossary

Diskin Orphan Fund has a compiled a comprehensive list of yartzheit related resource information and download for your benefit.
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Book of Life ספר החיים
The Sefer Hachayim – the Book of Life – offers Diskin’s supporters the opportunity to honor their dear, departed loved ones with an eternal tribute. They will be remembered forever in the hearts of all who knew them, and their names will be engraved for posterity in Diskin’s Heichal Hachayim – the Hall of the Living.

A donation to Diskin during the first year following a loved one’s passing, and in honor of the yartzheit, is a most beautiful way to commemorate a loved one’s life. There is no better life-remembrance than a helping hand offered to needy and orphaned children and youths – the gift of a new beginning for a child who has no other resources.

During the first year, and on a yartzheit, it is customary to light a ner neshamah – a candle to memorialize the soul of the departed. The soul of a pure child is the brightest candle that exists. When we help a poor orphan, when we give him the opportunity to build a new life out of the darkness of a traumatic past, we are lighting the greatest candle of all, kindling the light of hope in a young heart, cultivating love and strength of character in a soul bursting with potential. As you light a candle on behalf of your beloved ones’ souls, please join us in lighting up the life of an orphan, through a donation that is certain to elevate the soul of the departed.

There are a number of customs that have been instituted among Jews the world over, observed shortly after the passing of a relative and on the anniversary of his/her passing. These customs are precious to our people and are taken very seriously, as their purpose is to benefit the soul of the departed.