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First Year שנה ראשונה
Shanah Rishonah – The first year after a person’s passing is a very significant time for the soul, as it makes its journey from the physical world of action to the spiritual world of souls. It is a year of orientation for the soul, which rises from level to level in its new, spiritual surroundings, separating itself from its connection to our world and coming to terms with its new reality.

This first year is likewise a time of coming to terms for the family members, dear friends and associates of the departed. They are dealing with feelings of loss and separation as well as with major, sometimes sudden changes in their lives. As they find memories and reminders of their loved one at every turn, their emotions are stirred up again and again. They may seek ways of perpetuating the memory of their loved one, to keep ever strong in their hearts all that he/she was and represented.

Throughout this year, on a daily basis we involve ourselves with remembering and bringing merit to the soul of the departed, through reciting the Kaddish prayer three times daily, through lighting candles, through studying mishnayot and/or other Torah books, through strengthening our own involvement in mitzvah observance, and through giving charity. Diskin’s staff invest themselves heart and soul throughout the year to give orphans and needy children life-giving, nurturing love, care and support. When a family needs someone to say Kaddish, light candles, learn mishnayot and recite prayers on behalf of relatives who have left this world, it is certainly most appropriate to have those dedicated people who staff Diskin perform these tasks. They are totally devoted to supporting and building new lives for orphans who have no one else to turn to. The actions performed on behalf of the departed will be rendered even more powerful through the strength of their merits.
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