yartzheit glossary

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Limud & Tfila למוד ותפילה
Learning and praying in memory of the departed It is a long-established Jewish tradition to study Torah and pray to memorialize those who have left this world. In this way we keep their memory strong within us and bring merit to their souls.

Learning mishnayot in memory of the departed – The merit of learning segments of the Mishnah (or other Torah passages) is very beneficial to the soul of the departed.

It is common for relatives, friends and/or others associated with the departed or his/her family to study passages from the Mishnah (mishnayot) for the sake of his/her merit.

Praying for the soul of the departed – In all Jewish communities, various prayers are recited to benefit the soul of the departed, especially on the yarhtzeit and at memorial meetings. This includes the prayer of “Keil Malei Rachamim” among Ashkenazic Jews, and “Hamerachem” among Sefardic Jews. These prayers are also recited when a mourner is called up to the Torah in the synagogue.

Diskin’s staff invest themselves heart and soul throughout the year to give orphans and needy children life-giving, nurturing love, care and support. When a family needs someone to learn mishnayot and recite prayers on behalf of relatives who have left this world, it is certainly most appropriate to have those dedicated people who staff Diskin perform these tasks. They are totally devoted to supporting and building new lives for orphans who have no one else to turn to. The Torah study and prayers will be rendered even more powerful through the strength of their merits.